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Manufacturing/Distribution Software

brnk. Technology Advisors are the marketing and sales partner for the following intellectual property (“IP”) assets: 


  • This custom-built software is the epitome of ease for both customers and company employees. 
  • Functionality such as inventory management, warehouse location targeting, ordering, and accounting solutions is all baked in to cover any and all sizes of manufacturing or distribution companies.  
  • Opportunity for buyer includes licensing technology to companies or clients.
  • Seamless integration between the front-end experience for customers and the back-end experience for employees. 

This is an exciting opportunity to acquire the IP assets for this manufacturing and distributing software. Moreover, this technology holds greater opportunity for an individual looking to build up a technology licensing business. Fortunately, for that person, this asset is the perfect opportunity. With thousands of potential manufacturing and distribution customers throughout the world, the opportunity for revenue recuperation on day one.  


All offers and information requests should be submitted by email directly to Jayme Thomason at 


This technology, though created for an online and drive-in grocery store, holds all of the essential functionality (and more!) that is needed for the management of another digital grocery store, manufacturers, distributors or warehouses. 

The front-facing website is created for ordering or reserving items with real-time inventory numbers. Pickers know the exact location of the requested item, eliminating the risk of incorrect order fulfillment. Administrators are alerted when inventory of a certain product is low, or when it drops below an acceptable threshold set by the administrator. 


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to organizations operating in the following areas:

  • Grocery
  • E-Commerce 
  • Individual Investors
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution


  • Ruby Android application for back end order picking
  • Front end web application for customer-facing ordering.
  • Admin functionality for inventory examination, product ordering, accounting, warehouse location targets and more. 
  • Android tablet and product scanning hardware included. 
  • Inventor Knowledge
Hannah Kelm