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Transparent Interactive Window Display

brnk. Technology Advisors are the marketing and sale representatives of the following intellectual property (“IP”) assets: 


  • An interactive and transparent window that is perfect for retail displays, design and build projects, office spaces and more. 
  • Can be installed as windows within panes or added as a display for a post-construction addition. 
  • United States patent-ready. Written patent and responses to objections is ready for re-filing.
  • Works with any operating system through the use of HDMI.

This is an exciting opportunity to acquire the design IP to build a transparent interactive window display. This transparent display is an advertising agency's dream come true - not only does this display eliminate the cost ineffectiveness and logistics nightmare of store signage rollouts, it makes interacting with customers a breeze. The infinite possibilities for utilization in construction design and build range from a replacement for windows to a replacement for whiteboards. 


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It's crazy to imagine interacting with your customers through the windows of your stores - even when you're closed. It's even crazier to think about the windows of your office or residential building transforming into a touch screen computer or TV. Converting regular windows into interactive, yet still transparent, luxury displays opens a new world of possibilities to a prospective buyer in any industry. 

These transparent LCD screens let viewers see through the pane like a regular window, but can also work as an interactive display. With the thickness of a typical LCD and 1080p or 4K resolution, the display can be outfitted with HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and supports Windows, Android, OSX, and Linux - the agnostic nature of the connection allows the screen to display custom applications, serve as a TV, a gaming display or a computer. The current manufacture can assemble displays in sizes 5”-110”, available in HD and UHD, and are environmentally sustainable, with endless applications, and are heat and water resistant.

Installs of this interactive window technology were sold to Lockheed Martin, Nike, Tokyo University and Calvin Klein. The objected patent, and other patent-ready intellectual property features, are ready for the final buyer's adjustments.


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to organizations operating in the following areas:

  • Digital Signage/Display Companies
  • Digital Advertising
  • Construction Design and Build
  • Military
  • Retail Design/Innovation Agencies


  • Intellectual property for construction including trade secrets
  • Objected patent with answers to objections
  • Technology and market research
  • Actual 47" display
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers
Jayme Thomason