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Music Streaming Website

brnk. Technology Advisors are the marketing and sale partners of the following intellectual property (“IP”) assets: 


  • Music streaming application with embed player, live Twitter streaming, events, alerts and more!
  • A Node.js and React application.
  • Hundreds of current listeners.
  • Opportunity to add video functionality for video game or live event streaming. 

This is an exciting opportunity to acquire the IP assets for this fully-functioning and ready for market streaming software. The seamless and intuitive user interface, combined with the effortlessness of the administrator's experience, will be the perfect addition to anyone looking for a ready-to-market opportunity. 


All offers and information requests should be submitted by email directly to Jayme Thomason at The deadline for offers has been set at Wednesday, February 28th at Noon.


In a world of algorithmically generated on-demand streaming products, sponsored playlists and an overabundance of Top 40 music videos flooding the social networks, this music streaming founder believed that it was due time to find another approach to finding unique music that listeners would love. Originally created for the community of people who share their music tastes, recommendations and content, this impressive music streaming platform has all of the social media sharing features baked right in. The developer of this intellectual property believed that the service that DJ's provide is underrated and under-appreciated - this was the solution to that stigma. As an open-sourced music platform, these music experts connect listeners to their favorite songs, discovery of a long lost artist, and insights of superstars to come. 


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to organizations operating in the following areas:

  • Entertainment and Entertainment Sourcing
  • Music Industry Entrepreneurs
  • Media Companies
  • Churches
  • Radio Stations (Online or Traditional)
  • Content/Training Libraries


  • Unique software and source code
  • Goodwill in the brand and reputation
  • Rights in the unregistered trade marks
  • Website content and domain names
  • Rights in the customer database
Jayme Thomason