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Cookieless Tracking Patent Family

brnk. Technology Advisors are the marketing and sales partner for the following intellectual property (“IP”) assets: 


  • This patent provides the only way to independently track users without using cookies or code on servers or web pages.
  • The only GDPR compliant cookieless tracking solution. 
  • Opportunity for buyer includes licensing technology to companies or clients; pursuing legal action against patent infringements. 
  • Ability to track users across sessions, which enables cross channel and true conversion attribution. 
  • Mentorship and guidance from patent founder to integrate cookieless tracking in your current business or create a dedicated business for patent. 

This is an exciting opportunity to acquire the IP assets for cookieless tracking. Modern browsers and operating systems are increasingly blocking cookies. In 2017, Apple released Intelligent Tracking Prevention in their latest iOS version, blocking traditional cookies. In May of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation makes cookies not only obsolete, but illegal! The way around cookie-blocking measures is with this patent. Most importantly, this patent allows for big data and behavioral networks to focus on better ads through overcoming cross-site tracking limitations. 


All offers and information requests should be submitted by email directly to Jayme Thomason at 


This patent is the first, and only, of it's kind to track user behavior without the use of cookies. In fact, this patent is the only viable option for cookieless tracking by sitting between a client and a server through the specific reconstruction of messages. New cookies require explicit user permission, and any cookie has to be fully protected on a user's computer. 

By following user behavior across all sites and devices with ease, this patent is the solution. This provides better user data for greater and more user-specific ad targeting. Through the use of asynchronous website fingerprinting, this patent provides identification without sacrificing user response times. 

The patent creator has generously offered to work with the purchasing entity to assist with integration of the technology into their current business or with creating a separate digital entity dedicated to maintaining the cookieless tracking patent. 


This opportunity is likely to be of interest to organizations operating in the following areas:

  • Digital Advertising
  • E-Commerce
  • Media
  • Analytics and Tracking Organizations
  • Big Data Aggregators


  • Two granted patents protecting Cookieless Tracking Engine + data collection engine with nominal parsing
  • Full Patent Rights
  • Open Continuation: Deep reviews suggest no viable cookie-free tracking options that cannot be defined with this patent family
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  • Inventor Knowledge
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